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Beneficiation Equipment
Three-cylinder Dryer

Product Introduction

Three drum dryer in the wet material drying equipment products, the three-cylinder rotary dryer in monocular rotary dryer based on the improvement of energy-efficient products. Rotary three drum dryer to improve the internal structure of the original single cylinder dryer, increased pre-baked before the wet material into the dryer and the wet material to extend the drying time in the machine, sealing, insulation and reasonable supporting measures plus make dryer production capacity compared to the original single cylinder dryer improved 48-80%, unit volume of evaporation intensity of up to 120-180kg / m3, standard coal consumption of only 6-8kg / t. Its advanced technology, reasonable operational parameters, the operation is simple and feasible, is widely used in various sectors of the slag, clay, coal Three drum dryer has a compact, simple structure, reasonable layout, improve the heat exchange rate materials and energy, so material drying effect is good; less investment basis, only one-half of the same production single cylinder dryer, reducing the one-time investment; reliable operation, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency; at the same time, easy to implement automatic control, reducing operator personnel, saving labor resources

working principle

Material from the feeding device into the inner rotary drum and achieve downstream drying, the material in the inner constantly took a copy board, scattered spiral traveling type heat exchange, material movement to the other end of the inner layer into the middle, countercurrent drying, the material is repeated constantly in the middle Yang Jin, was a step back and two steps forward travel mode, both fully absorb the material in the middle inner cylinder the heat, and the middle cylinder to absorb heat, while extending the drying time, the best material in this dry state. Material line to the middle the other end fall into the outer, the material in the outer drum rectangular multi-loop approach road, to reach the drying effect of the material in the hot action fast marching discharge roller, did not reach the drying effect of the wet material and not due to weight fast travel, the material within this rectangle copy board is fully dried, thereby completing the drying purposes.
Technical Parameter:
Model KTH2.6×7m KTH3×7.6m KTH3.3×7.8m KTH3.6×8m
Diameter of Outer Cylinder (m) Φ2.6 Φ3 Φ3.3 Φ3.6
Length of Outer Cylinder (m) 7 7.6 7.8 8
Rotary Speed (r/min) 2~5 2~5 2~5 2~5
Dryer Stype Down Stream
Capacity (t/h) Slag Grit Slag Grit Slag Grit Slag Grit
25-33 27-35 43-52 45-55 60-68 65-73 80-90 85-95
Original Moisture (%) 13 10 13 10 13 10 13 10
Finished Moisture (%) 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1
Highest Air Inlet Temperature (℃) ≤ 900
Utter Temperature of Waste Gas (℃) 70-80
Thermal Efficiency > 85%
Evaporation Intensity 60-80Kg H2O/m3. h
Standard Coal Consumption (kg/t) 6-8 6-8 6-8 5-8
Geared Motor Model XWDY11-8180-35 XWDY7.5-8175-35 XWDY11-8180-35 XWDY15-8195-47
Motor Power (kw) 2×11 4×7.5 4×11 4×15

Main Parts

Technical Parameter:
Name Model
Three Cylinder Rotary Dryer KTH2.6×7m KTH3×7.6m KTH3.3×7.8m KTH3.6×8m
Fluidized Bed Furnace KF2.7 KF3.18 KF3.69 KF4.25
Blast Blower Depends on Fluidized Bed Furnace
Dust Catcher HPC64-7 HPC64-2×5 HPC64-2×6 HPC64-2×8
Dedusting and Draught Fan Depends on Dust Catcher

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